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Bikur Cholim Housing Campaign

Bikur Cholim of Dallas has experienced tremendous growth in our first year and its clear that we are in need of additional housing resources as more people who need private housing are visiting Dallas, for reproductive and urological services. Bikur Cholim is currently paying a reduced rent for another apartment that is constantly full.  Bikur Cholim has relied on volunteers to open their homes, however, certain surgeries require privacy for recovery before families can travel.

Please support this worth endeavor as we seek to purchase another apartment, furnish the apartment with all its necessities, and have the necessary funds for maintenance and utilities for the first year.  BCD is raising $250,000 based on the following expense categories:

Purchase of Condo: $175,000

Furniture: $15,000

Kitchen Needs: $10,000

Other Furnishings: $5,000

Three Years HOA, Taxes, Utilities, Food & Other Expenses: $45,000


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