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WE DID IT!!! WE RAISED $32,151!

Wow, Thank you Dallas Jewish Community and those outside Dallas who contributed to this campaign. You showed how important this cause is and we look forward to telling you all about the impact of your donations!

Thanks to the efforts of our board members, particularly Carole Wolanow and some particularly strong and passionate donors, we raised the necessary funds in 4 days from 137 donors!

We have already put some of the funds to good use, redoing the floors of the aparment, purchasing new beds, furniture and other items.

Stay tuned for more details on the van and more exciting things to come!

Please let us know how we can help, BCD provides private confidential assistance for patients and their families, we can't help unless you let us know of someone that needs one of our services:

  • Medical Transportation

  • Housing

  • Kosher Meals at home and at hospitals

  • Medical Equipment

  • Care packages at home and at hospitals

  • Visitation

We are comprised of members of the Dallas Jewish community to help patients and their families receiving treatment in Dallas / Ft. Worth hospitals, whether local or from out of town.


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