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Bikur Cholim In Action!

Shabbos At Baylor Courtesy of Bikur Cholim of Dallas!

All hours of the day the calls go out, far and wide:

Anyone available tomorrow Wednesday morning 09/14

to drive a father and sun from Israel to the airport. Two suitcases two Carryon luggage.

Pickup: Anytime between 9:00-9:30a.m.

5937 Harvest hill.

Drop-off: DFW

Taken: Thank you John, Tizku L'Mitzvos


[9:44 AM, 9/15/2022] Good morning, is anyone available to deliver the Shabbos Bags today to UT Southwestern?

Pick up is 12504 Renoir Lane

Drop off is at 5641 Southwestern Medical Ave Dallas TX

[10:29 AM, 9/15/2022] Sarah Heimowitz: Also looking for someone to bring food to Baylor Scott today before 1pm.

Pick up 12504 Renoir lane

Drop off is at 3301 Junius St, Dallas, TX 75246

Usually takes 25 min

[10:35 AM 9/15/2022] Taken. Thank you John!


[6:08 PM, 9/11/2022] : Hi, we need some LUNCH meals this week. Let me know if you are able to make and what day works for you. Thank you!

Tuesday - 4 people

Wednesday - 2 men

Thursday - 2 men

Friday - 2 men

[6:08 PM, 9/11/2022]: No allergies

[7:09 PM 9/11/2022] I can do Wednesday

[7:10 PM 9/11/2022] I can do Tuesday

{2:40 PM ]This group is amazing. By the time I see any requests, everything is already handled!


[10:51 AM 9/2/2022]

Good morning,

Would anyone be able to host a father and son (adult) coming on Tuesday for medical treatment? For about one week

[10:54 AM 9/2/2022]

Taken. Thanks Shani 💜


Delivery is a family affair, Ian Lurie and son Aiden.

Dear All,

My brother, who lives in Kiryat Sefer, called me to tell me that about 10 people have approached him to ask him to relay appreciation for everything the Dallas community is doing for the (NAME WITHHELD) family. I think all of younshould take a moment to appreciate the great work and great Kiddush Hashem that you are making. Hashem should give this very special group the strength to growcand continue to accomplish all that you are accomplishing!!!

Come be a part of Bikur Cholim of Dallas, click here to volunteer.


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